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You really get a lot for your dues money when you join the LAS,  and the more you participate,the more you get out of the LAS. There must be something good about a club that has members who have continuously paid dues for 20, 30, even 40+ years.

Lets examine some of these in more detail.

Use of the really fine TGCO facility and site for observing.

It is so much nicer to observe with others. You get to compare views and equipment, as well as face the coyote noises and other things that go bump in the night, with a cheerier point of view.  You have a place to warm up in winter, air conditioning in summer, a bug free haven to socialize in while you take a break … and let’s not minimize having restrooms.

You even get to use the TGCO 9 1/2″  modernized Alvan Clark refractor on the moon and planets, to gaze at objects through the 20 inch Dob, the 20 inch RC or learn to use the 10 inch Go To scope..

LAS lending library

We have a club subscription to S&T as well as books you can borrow for a month at a time …  general astronomy, observing techniques, telescope making, astronomy history etc.  This also includes the LAS Loaner telescope … a fine 6 inch f/8 Newtonian ( a Criterion RV6) now mounted as a Dobsonian, which, along with basic atlases, an eyepiece set and a Telrad, can be also borrowed for a month free of charge.

LAS Club Observing Nights

These nights are meant for sharing so feel free to pick the brains of veteran observers or show them new approaches. Bring your scope up to the place and learn how to use it,  or how to tweak the daylights out of it and get the best images you can.

Learn how to use atlases, to Telrad your way around the sky or star hop, even if you don’t own a scope! You can use the LAS’s  17.5 ” f/4.5  Dob (Coulter Optics) and 12.5 ” f/5.6 LAS Dob (with optics ground by club members back in 1968) that are now beautifully mounted as truss tube scopes. It takes almost no training to use these scopes and they will give you some spectacular views that are almost guaranteed to infect you with aperture fever  … and at a price you can afford!

Want to get more high tech? Then get trained to use the club’s equatorial mounted C11, or try  astrophotography with your DSLR camera to image the moon, planets and deep sky.

Monthly Club Meetings

EVERY month is member’s night in the LAS. Club members give informative talks and share observations and project results. There is always coffee and often snacks.

You help us to spread the fun and excitement of astronomy around .

While we do try to have the LAS be both BY and FOR members, we also aim to bring astronomy to the public. It is often the most fun you can have with your scope. LAS members help out at TGCO public nights and we also run Astronomy Day as well as monthly summer star parties for the public in each of these state parks, Lackawanna, Frances Slocum and Promised Land.  These star parties include a slide presentation and, if the sky cooperates, observing through scopes.

Improving your knowledge and observing skills, meeting people and making new friends,that’s what you get when you join the LAS (along with coffee of course).

Membership fees are $15/yr for an individual or $20/yr for a family.

Download the PDF  form below and mail to (postal mail) address, or bring it to the next meeting of the LAS.

PDF Membership Form    

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