Saturn’s New Feature -The Serpent Storm

As a response to all the attention that Jupiter has been receiving in the news, the planet Saturn is now putting on a show of a major storm in the North Temperate Zone.  Numerous amateur astronomers have been recording the development of this major outbreak.

As a long time observer of Saturn, a white spot this large and bright is a very rare event.  Visible features on the globe are usually small and dim, if visible at all.  Most are only discovered in photographs.  It is well worth your effort to see this current storm, even if you must content with winter conditions and rise up early to observe Saturn in the morning .

The following  are times when this ever expanding storm can be viewed in the Eastern Time Zone. How long this will be visible is not certain.

The white hue storm has spread out in the NTrZ and diminish in brightness. I am using the central Merdian of the major outbreak, more of the storm following it. It has been given a unoffical name as The Serpent Storm by those who view and image it frequently in the Saturn Yahoo Group.

As of June 2011 the Storm in the northern hemisphere of Saturn continues to show up in amateur photos.  Spreading across nearly the entire longitude there are few places it does not show up. This is a recent photo from TGC Observatory. Althought it was not seen visualy with the RC20 at any magnification. I could see the white belt  on the laptop screen using a  DFK31AUS camera for imaging.

Update CM  to 63.6 degrees SYSTEM III,  the Head of the Storm,  which is the latest information fron images by Efrain Morales Rivera posted on Saturn Yahoo Group on  June 17, 2011 .

Saturn North Equatorial Disturbance at  (NED) CM III 63.6   Eastern Daylight  Date and Time

6/18/2011 9:18:36 AM 7:58:02 PM 
6/19/2011 6:37:29 AM 5:16:55 PM 
6/20/2011 3:56:22 AM 2:35:48 PM 
6/21/2011 1:15:15 AM 11:54:41 AM 10:34:07 PM
6/22/2011 9:13:34 AM 7:53:01 PM 
6/23/2011 6:32:28 AM 5:11:54 PM 
6/24/2011 3:51:21 AM 2:30:48 PM 
6/25/2011 1:10:14 AM 11:49:41 AM 10:29:08 PM
6/26/2011 9:08:35 AM 7:48:02 PM 
6/27/2011 6:27:29 AM 5:06:56 PM 
6/28/2011 3:46:23 AM 2:25:50 PM 
6/29/2011 1:05:17 AM 11:44:44 AM 10:24:11 PM
6/30/2011 9:03:39 AM 7:43:06 PM 
7/1/2011 6:22:33 AM 5:02:01 PM 
7/2/2011 3:41:28 AM 2:20:55 PM 
7/3/2011 1:00:22 AM 11:39:50 AM 

John D Sabia

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