Comet Hartley 2 by Adam Jaffe

The weather and the moon cooperated, and I had dark clear skies during Comet Hartley 2’s pass through October.  Here are some of the photo’s I took of the comet passing some objects of interest; NGC 281 (The Pacman Nebula), and NGC 884 & NGC 869(The Double Cluster).  I’ve also included an animation of the comet’s movement over the period of an hour and a half below.


Comet Hartley 2 & The Double Cluster

Animated Comet Hartley

All photo’s were take from my driveway in Scranton, PA.  Taken with a William Optics Zenithstar 66  mounted on and guided through a CPC-800.  Taken with a modified Canon XS with an IDAS LPSv2 filter and Stacked in DSS.

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