Lunar Observing Resource Guides

Our Moon, when viewed thru the eyepiece of a telescope shows us a great variety of surface detail. Besides the many craters of all sizes and complexity there are mare, mountains, rilles, and small domes spread across the surface. Under a changing illumination these features take a different view in the eyepiece.

Guidebooks and maps are well worth it when locating and identify these named features. Any of the variety of references here will be of great value to assist a Lunar Observer with that task. Not an exhaustive list of all resources, rather a good material to start with. Each resource type is separated into one of six category type. You’ll notice the majority of the resources are Internet available, with the exception of the first two categories.
Lunar Resources


The Moon – Peter Grego
The Modern Moon – Charles Wood

Maps and Atlas

Rukl’s Atlas of the Moon – Rukl
Sky & Telescope Field Map of the Moon – Reverse and Nonreverse
The Lunar 100 – Sky & Telescope – Charles Wood

Online magazines

ALPO The Lunar Observer –

GLR (Geologic Lunar Research Group)  Selenology Today –

Online maps and places

Observing the Lunar 100 –
Hitchhikers’s Guide to the Moon –

Moon Atlas –

Lunar Picture of the Day –
Group –
Wiki Moon –
Eclipse –

Organizations with a Lunar Section



Virtual Moon Atlas (VMA) free –
Lunar Terminator Visualization Tool (LTVT) free –
Lunar Map Pro commercial –

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