Color Filters for the Planets

This PDF file contains the tables and notes used the PowerPoint program that was given at the regular club meeting this year. The first section list each planet and the filters best suited to improve or enhance various visual planetary features. A narative description of the visual performance is present by Wratten filter number and color type desciption. 

A table format is next, listing each Planet, planet feature and filter most suited to enhance the visual viewing of the feature. This is good to use at the scope since it fits on on 8 x 10 sheet of paper.

The last section list the Wratten number, the planet it is to be used on and the feature on the planet the filter will enhance. This is the most common method that suppliers and dealers display their filters.

Download the pdf file Useful Filters for Planets


Here are Internet web sites that provide more information Color Filter for the planets.

The Abbey Road Observatory –

Observing the Planets with Color Filters –

Meade Filters –

The Meade 4000 Series –

Celestron –

Celestron Kits –


These three include Solar and DeepSky Filter, which I did not cover in te PowerPoint slide show.

The Use of Filters –

Optical Filter Guide –

Nebula Filter comparison on Deep Sky Objects –

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